TMNT Fugitoid Collector Figure Review

Fugitoid front view
No matter how successful a toy line is, there always seems to be at least a few ideas that seem really cool on paper but never seem to get past that point. Vac metal finishes are one of those things. Try as they might, no toy company I've seen has been able to create a realistic looking polished metal finish just using paint. The best way to get that look on a toy is with a vac-metalized finish. But those are more expensive than paint and can be prone to chipping. But when it is done right, the results can be quite impressive. And some character designs just lend themselves to the vacuum-metalized look. And in the TMNT universe, there is at least one character that practically screams for a shiney metal finish, Fugitoid. And now, Playmates has produced just that, a vac-metalized Fugitoid.

Packaging - 2/10

This fugitoid figure comes in a plain white box, similar to the one for the Bigfoot mail in figure. It has no graphics at all. There is some basic text on the front and bottom of the box. So this is not going to be much of a show piece for those who like to display their figures mint in the box. But the good news is that the box can be opened and the figure removed without damaging the packaging except for having to open the plastic bag in which the figure is sealed.

Sculpting - 8/10

I was expecting this to be identical to the Fugitoid figure from the 2003 toy line. And that would have been fine. But instead they resculpted the arms and legs to create a more dynamic pose for the new figure. Since the figure is stuck in this pose, putting in that extra effort was a very nice touch.

Paint - 10/10

The whole point of this figure is the vacuum-metalized finish, so it had better have turned out well. The vac-metal finish is sleek and shiney, just as it should be. There is also a small amount of paint work for the eyes and mouth. The only drawback here is having to worry about fingerprints.

Articulation - 0/10

There is no articulation on this version of Fugitoid. It is a shame that it had to be sacrificed. But this was always meant to be a display piece rather than a regular toy. Besides, vac-metal finishes usually don't hold up well to actual play.

Accessories - 0/10

There are no accessories at all.

Value - 4/10

The Fugitoid Collector figure should sell for around $12 to $15. Whether that is a good deal will depend upon how you look at it. As an action figure, that is a lot of money for an action figure that is very short on action. But as a collectable and a statue, that is a bargin.

Happy Hunting:

Fugitoid is shipping now, but is only available at specialty shop, very few of which have any interest in supporting the Playmates TMNT toy line. It is currently available from Big Bad Toy Store. that is where I got my figure. Entertainment Earth also has it listed on their site. but they still list it as a preorder rather than having it in stock.

Fugitoid MOC

interior packaging

Fugitoid rear view