Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego: Kraang Laser Turret

completed set
The Nickelodeon version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seems to be a hit with kids. And the TMNT Lego sets seem to be doing quite well too. They haven't surpassed some of the biggest Lego properties like Star Wars and Harry Potter, but they have proven popular enough that Lego decided to suppliment the first six sets that were released at the beginning of the year with an extra micro set. Now that I've caught up with the other TMNT releases for the year, I tracked down this set to tide me over until new sets hit shelves next year.

Packaging - 7/10

This set comes in a plastic bag. The front shows the set completed and "in action." The back is used for the usual legal small print. Really the only thing missing is that the set is not really given an official name. That's not a big issue, but could be confusing if they produce more of these sets in the future.

Sculpting/Design - 10/10

The small piece count means that this set has to be quite simple. The main feature is the automated laser turret. It is a cute design. And it's similar enough to the Kraang escape pod from the Kraang Lab Escape set to tie in well. But the laser turret on its own is too generic to be of much interest. But the addition of a small bench and four Turtle themed targets to use for target practice is such a cool and funny addition, I have to give them full points.

Paint/Color choice - 9/10

There is not a lot of variety to the colors used in this set. The turret is a selection of shades of grey with a minimal amount of color from the projectile and sensor. The turtle targets add a bit of color, but overall the set is a bit dull. But the set is also so small, that there really isn't much room to add more color. I suppose they could have made the bench a different color for the sake of variety.

Features - 7/10

The laser turret has a small projectile that can be flicked with your finger to fire it. It's not a very impressive feature. But giving you something to shoot at makes it a whole lot more fun than it would have been otherwise.

Accessories - 0/10

I'm not counting the targets or bench as accessories, they're part of the main set in my eyes. So that means that the set has no accessories. They should have tossed in a gun for the Kraang, they already have one from the Shellraiser Street Chase set.

Value - 9/10

This set sells for a mere $4. Considering that is basically the same price that single Lego mini figures sell for, and this set comes with a Kraang mini figure plus a cute little set, there is no doubt that it is a good value. The only way for them to have made this set a better deal would be to make it an easier way to build a bad guy army. The Kraang figure could be worthy of army building, but then you will have an army of unarmed Kraangs. Now if they wanted to do a set with a couple of mousers or with a Foot Soldier to build a Foot army, I would buy them by the handful.

Happy Hunting:

The TMNT Kraang Laser Turret set was exclusive to Toys R Us stores when it was first released. They showed up at Target stores as a sesonal item for Christmas. But it appears that it is now back to being an exclusive. But if they haven't shown up at your local TRU store, they are also listed on toysrus.com.

Bag Front

Bag back

turret front

turret back turret projectile targets Kraang front and back