Ninja Turtles (movie) Giant Figures

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Now that the Ninja Turtles movie has been released to home video, I think it is about time for me to finish up my reviews of the last remaining movie merchandise, starting with the eleven inch, giant movie Turtles. Following in the rather large footsteps of the original Battle Shell Turtles and Ninjas in Training figures from last year, this year we were treated to extra large versions of the four Turtles in their Ninja Turtles movie design.

Packaging - 7/10

The packaging for the movie giant figures is very similar in design to the previous eleven inch figures, but it has received a graphical overhaul to fit into the movie toy line. From the front, the packaging is pretty minimal. The small front panel has an image of the Turtle from the movie and the name. But for the most part, there is just a large clear view of the figure. The back of the package shows all four Turtles along with the same brief paragraph of text that has been on the back of all of the movie toys. They even made use of the bottom of the box to show off the other toys in the movie line. I'm still not a big fan of the background graphics used for the movie toys. It seem very random and unrelated to the license. But that is a minor drawback. The design also means that there is little support for the material at the top, which leaves it prone to warping and damage.

Sculpting - Donatello 5/10, others 6/10

The sculpting for all four of the giant movie figures is very similar to the basic assortment figures. But they are not the same sculpts. These versions have more texturing and detail of course. It looks great on the figures themselves. But when you get to the portions wrapped around each of their waists, and the details aren't nearly as sharp. The only other issue that I have is with Donatello's posture. In the movie he is portrayed as hunched over. But the figure is posed standing straight up. It may sound like a slight difference, but it makes a huge impact.

Paint - 5/10

The paint work on the giant movie figures is pretty basic but well executed. I don't have any issues with sloppiness. But the amount of effort put into the paint work is fairly underwhelming. There are a lot of unpainted parts and details that are present in the sculpting. And while all four Turtles had painted skin texture in the movie, none of the figures do. So unfortunately, when I look at these figures, there is a fairly large part of me that just sees the missed opportunity.

Articulation - Donatello 6/10, others 5/10

Each of the giant movie figures has fifteen points of articulation.
  • ball jointed neck
  • hinged and rotating shoulders
  • rotating wrists
  • hinged and rotating hips
  • hinged and rotating joint under the knees
That is not a lot of articulation. In particular it would be nice for them to have elbow joints. It would also be nice if they had joints at the ankles. As it is, the leg articulation is of limited use, both because the positioning of the ankles only allows them to stand with their legs in one position and the material wrapped around the waists of all but Donatello limits the leg movement. I'd say that this articulation would be passable on a regular sized figure, but the basic assortment figures had better articulation.

Accessories - Leonardo 6/10, others 5/10

Each of the figures comes with their signature weapons, or weapon in the case of Donatello. The weapons are molded with a decent amount of detail. They are completely unpainted though. That's disappointing, but not surprising. I will give credit to Leonardo though as the only one of the four who has a means of storing his weapons.

Value - 6/10

The eleven inch movie figures sell for around $20 each. That is a reasonable price given their size. And overall they are decent toys, certainly something that young fans of the movie would have fun playing with. But there is also a lot of missed opportunity for these figures to have been amazing.

Happy Hunting:

The giant movie figures have been out since the summer. So finding them should not be difficult. The one challenge now would be to get them before stores drop the movie merchandise entirely.

Leonardo MOC Michelangelo MOC

Raphael MOC Donatello MOC

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Raphael with sais

Leonardo front and back Leonardo with swords on back Leonardo holding swords Leonardo's accessories Movie Leonardo figures Giant Leonardo figures

Giant Donatello front and back Giant Donatello close up Giant Donatello's accessory Giant Don with bo Movie Donatello figures Giant Donatello figures Giant Raphael front and back Giant Raphael close up Giant Raphael's weapons Movie Raphael figures Giant Raphael figures Ginat Michelangelo front and back giant Michelangelo close up Giant Michelangelo's accessories Giant Michelangelo with weapons Movie Michelangelo figures Giant Michelangelo figures