3 Pack Exclusive Leonardo (Target Exclusive)

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In 1984, Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman created and published a 40 page black and white comic and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were born. The comic was dark, edgy and the look of the Ninja Turtles reflected that style. In the color version of the comics, all the Turtles were the same color green and their signature bandanas were all colored red. If not for their different signature weapons, it was hard to tell the Turtles apart.


In 1988, the Ninja Turtles hit TV screens and took America by storm. The show ranked #1 in the ratings for an unprecedented 5 straight year. The TV show targeted a much younger kid audience and the look of the Turtles was much lighter and friendlier than the original comic books. Each of the Turtles had their own signature colored bandana, had the first letter of their name imprinted on their belt buckle and their distinct and different personalities were a huge hit with kids.


In 2012, the Ninja Turtles were re-born and hit the TV air waves under the creative vision of Nickelodeon. The TV show is once again a bg hit and is consistently the #1 rated TV show in it's time slot for young boys. While the Turtles retained their signature colored bandanas and distinct personalities, Nickelodeon created it's own unique look which pays homage to the look of the original comic look but has a very modern anime style that both yesterday's and today's fans find very appealing.

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