Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego: Mutation Chamber Unleashed Set

completed set
My Lego binge for the year continues as I work my way through all of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lego sets for the year. With the smaller sets out of the way, I'm finally getting into the larger sets which usually create much more interesting sets. First up is the Mutation Chamber Unleashed, a playset to recreate the scene from season one of the cartoon where we are introduced to the mutant Spider Bytez. So line up your minifigures, we're going make some mutants.

Packaging - 8/10

The Mutation Chamber Unleashed box shares the same design as the previous TMNT sets with a large photo of the completed set on the front, photos of the features and set on the back as well as a short comic. The design looks great and shows off the set well. And unlike a few of the smaller sets from last year, the box is thick enough that it isn't prone to damage.

Sculpting/Design - 7/10

The playset is a two story labratory with an upper deck above a vat of mutagen. The top level has a pair of vandergraph generators with arcing lightning and an opening in the floor leading down into the ooze chamber. The lower level consists mostly of the central chamber into which any falling figures land. That chamber is inside the larger ooze chamber which can be opened to unleashed your newly created mutated monstrosity onto the Lego world. There are also acouple of montors hanging off the sides and a ladder that leads up to the top level. The design matches the events of the episode well. But the mutagen vat is so large that there is almost no room for anything else on the lower level.

The bigger draw to the set is the minifigures. The set comes with three, Raphael in combat gear, Spider Bytez and his unmutated form, Victor. I could do without the Raphael with face mask. But the Spyder Bytez mini figure is fairly impressive. The feet are unarticulated. But the arms and four spider legs coming out of the head are articulated. Victor is a pretty basic mini figure. But it is still pretty fun to have what is essentially a Lewis Black action figure.

Paint/Color choice - 8/10

I was a bit worried about the Mutation Chamber set when I opened it. There seemed to be a lot of very colorful pieces for constructing a laboratory. But once assembled, it looks good, with the occasional bit of color thrown in here or there. The one issue I have with it is that the translucent pieces for the mutagen vat on the lower level make it look like a full vat. But the decals only cover the bottom third. The result is a rather strnage look, almost like a head on a beer, but on the bottom instead.

Features - 3/10

The Mutation Chamber has the arcing vandergraph generators on the upper level which can rotate around to give the mini figures something to avoid. The ladder on the side and the moniters on the lower level can be repositioned. And of course, there is the main feature for swapping out Victor for his mutated form. The mutation feature works well. But since you only have one pair of mini figures for a character in both its pre and post-mutation forms, it is probbly going to get a bit old in a hurry. It would make a great feature in a larger playset. But it isn't enough to carry a set on its own.

Accessories - 4/10

This set doesn't have a lot of extranious parts. You get a pair of sais for Raphael, a spider to get mutated with Victor, and two mutagen canisters. There's nothing wrong with what is included. But there isn't anything all that impressive about what is included.

Value - 7/10

The Mutation Chamber Unleashed sells for $25. That's not a bad price given the size of the playset. And you are getting a very unique Spyder Bytez mini figure as well as what is likely the only Victor merchandise we are ever likely to see. I just wish there was a bit more play value to it beyond the mutation feature.

Happy Hunting:

You can find the Mutation Chamber Unleashed set in just about any store that carries the Lego TMNT sets. That includes Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and more. You can also order the set online from almost as many sites as well.

box front

box back

Raphael, Victor and Spider Bytez mini figures front

mini figures rear

playset empty Victor and Raphael on top level mini figure accessories Top level electrodes top down view lower level doors closed lower level door opening outer chamber open inner chamber open rear view side view left moniter right moniter