Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lego: T-Rawket Sky Strike Set

completed set
Time for another TMNT Lego review. This time we are moving up to one of the more complex sets, the T-Rawket Sky Strike Set. This set includes both the T-Rocket vehicle and a Kraang flying saucer vehicle and a mini flight pack for the Turtles. The set also includes four mini figures: new versions of Michelangelo and Donatello, another Kraang and a mutated Kirby O'Neil. While this set does have the advantage of being the only toy version of the T-rocket, is that enough to make it worth buying?

Packaging - 8/10

There are no real surprises here. The front has an image of the completed set "in action." The back shows the various features and a mini comic strip. There's nothing here I haven't already talked about in previous reviews.

Sculpting/Design - 6/10

The T-Rawket only shows up in the cartoon briefly at the start of the second season as the Turtles need a means of catching a Kraang ship flying over the city. It only shows up for a few moments as a means of launching the Turtles with their flight packs into the sky. Lego recreated the design from the show fairly well, for what little there is. The only short coming is that the Lego version only seats two Turtles instead of all four as in the show. The Kraang saucer is far more generic. Unlike the ship in the show which was large enough for a crew of three, plus an ape body and the mutagen shipment, this version only seats a single figure. Finally the set includes a single flight pack for the Turtles. The design is simple, but with their shells on, the Turtles are forced to lean forward and can't hold onto the controls. And speaking of mini-figures, the set includes four of them. You get a new version of Donatello and Michelanglo, though sadly not Michelangelo as the Turflytle. The set also includes another Kraang mini-figure and a version of Kirby O'Neil in his mutated form. I appreciate the effort to try to create some variety in the Turtle mini-figures, but the flight suits are fairly underwhelming. The addition of another Kraang to the army is nice, but my army is big enough at this point. So that leaves the Kirby Bat mini figure. Kirby's mutate form is not a figure I care much about to begin with. And this isn't a great representation of it. The face looks nothing like the character. The wings are too small and the brain cap too large. If I didn't know it was suppose to be Kirby, I would never guess who it was.

Paint/Color choice - 9/10

The colors used for this set are very well selected. The final colors are all more or less on model, or as close to on model as one can get given that the saucer design doesn't match the show.

Features - 5/10

The set has a few features. The T-Rawket can carry two figures, including one wearing the flight pack. It also has a pizza oven engine in the back which can launch the two included pizzas off to the side. It is an intereting idea, but not very impressive since the pizza barely clear the side stabilizer fin. Both vehicles include a pair of finger flick missiles. And the Kraang saucer has an opening door at the bottom from which you can drop canisters of ooze. The features are fairly simple, but they are quite appropriate for the vehicles.

Accessories - 4/10

The T-Rawket Sky Strike set doesn't come with many accessories. Both Donatello and Michelangelo have their weapons. There are two pizzas to use as ammo in the pizza oven engine. And there are a pair of translucent yellow pieces to use as the ooze containers that fall out of the saucer. But even those lack the grey end pieces to look more like ooze canisters like the one included with some of the smaller sets. If they were going to do it that way, they could have give us more than just two canisters. Or better yet, they could have included parts to create Mikey's Turflytle costume.

Value - 5/10

The T-Rawket Sky Strike set sells for $35. That seems a bit steep for a vehicle that had just a few seconds of screen time and a second vehicle thatdoesn't really live up to its cartoon counterpart. And the mini-figures aren't a strong selling point either since the only character which is unique to the set is also the worst TMNT mini-figure produced by Lego so far.

Happy Hunting:

The T-Rawket Sky Strike set is part of the 2014 TMNT line up of Lego sets. So you should be able to find them in any store that carries a decent selection of Lego kits, at least until next year when they update the line once again.

box front

box back

Kraang ship

Kraang in pilot's seat

Kraang Ship cockpit Kraang Ship underside Donatello, Michelangelo, Kirby and Kraang mini figures mini figure rear view accessories Jet pack front Jet Pack rear Michelangelo with jet pack T-Rawket front end T-Rawket side view T-Rawket seating T-Rawket engine T-Rawket tail Turles in T-Rawket