Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes Bath Squirters

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This should be a fairly short review. But after checking out the Half-Shell Heroes Boats and hovercraft it seemed like a good time to check out Playmates other bath toy addition to the HSH line, the Bath Squirters. This series of four inch rubber figures can be filled with water and squeezed to squirt water. Just think of all the fun the kids will have making a mess all over the bathroom.

Packaging - Clam Shells 2/10, 3 Packs 7/10

The Half-Shell Heroes bath squirters are available two different ways. All six squirters are available in two different three packs. Each three pack includes two of the Turtles and either Splinter or Leatherhead who are only available this way. The four Turtles are also sold individually. The packaging for the three packs is quite similar to the design of all of the other HSH toys, except that the figures are enclosed in a plastic bubble. As I've said in other reviews, I like the design. I am a bit perplexed as to why the bath squirters need to be enclosed in a plastic bubble when none of the previous HSH offerings were. Even the individual figures are enclosed in a plastic clam shell. It isn't a big deal with the three packs. But the clam shells around the individual figures are completely utilitarian and not at all attractive.

Sculpting - Leatherhead 6/10, Splinter 5/10 Raphael 4/10 Leo, Don & Mikey 3/10

The sculpting for these was never going to be all that impressive. The soft rubber material is not well suited to fine detail. And the squirting feature means that compromises were going to have to be made so that they could hold a decent amount of water. (So no thin limbs or necks, no gaps between limbs, etc...) And then to add one more challenge, they needed to incorporate the squirting feature in as well. Of course there is the easy way to do that and just make each figure squirt water from their mouth as though they were spitting. But the action poses give them the opportunity to come up with something more creative. But in the end, there is a huge amount of difference in how well they handled those limitations or incorporated the squirting feature for each figure.

Paint - Leatherhead 6/10, Splinter & Raphael 5/10, Donatello 3/10, Others 4/10

The paint work on the bath squirters is not as bad as I was expecting for an inexpensive bath toy. There isn't any real detail work or paint washes or the likes. But all the major components of the figures are painted. For Leatherhead, that is enough. Splinter gets a little plain on the back since they didn't paint his tail or the back of his feet. Raphael has a few areas of blank and unpainted space such as under his left arm. Those blank spaces become more common and pronounced on Michelangelo and Leonardo. They are out of hand on Donatello. They make up almost as much space as his actual exposed skin.

Articulation - 0/10

These are all pre-posed, static figures. There's no articulation.

Accessories - 0/10

There are no accessories for any of the bath squirters.

Value - Three Packs 6/10, Individual 4/10

The three packs of bath squirters sell for $11 at Toys R Us. The individual packed Turtles sell for $4 a piece. If you just want one or two of the Turtles, the individual sets are a nice option. But if you want Splinter and Leatherhead which are the best of the bath squirters, the three packs are your only option and will save you a little money.

Happy Hunting:

The bath squirters have been in stores for a couple of months at this point. Thus far I have only seen the three packs at Toys R Us stores. But there is no indication that it is actually an exclusive. Similarly, I have seen the individual Turtles at Walmart stores in my area but that is the only store that seems to be carrying them.

Leo, Don & Splinter MOC

Leatherhead, Raph & Mike MOC

Leatherhead, Mike & Raph card back

Leonardo clamshell package

Raphael, Leatherhead & Michelangelo Donatello, Splinter & Leonardo Leatherhead front and back Michelangelo front and back Raphael front and back Splinter front and back Splinter close up Leonardo front and back Donatello front and back Donatello back detail Donatello staff end