TMNTbox December Classic Box

Classic Box
As the end of the month approaches, it's time for yet another round of TMNTBox subscription boxes. They finally dropped the Modern box option, so this month I only have the Classic Box to show off. Having arrived just a few days before Christmas, it was a nice little gift to myself for the holidays. So lets see what's inside.

Packaging - 4/10

As with the past TMNTboxes, this month's box comes in the same box with a Ninja Turtle face on the top and a few logos around the sides. Inside, the contents are just packed in with no additional information. It would be nice to include some information about the items and where they came from. My box this month also included a few items packaged together that were marked as a bonus. But it didn't give any indication of what the bonus was for. That would have been nice to know as well.

Contents 4/10

The classic box had just four items this month:
  • one Dorbz figure from Vinyl Sugar
  • a TMNT LED watch
  • a PEZ dispenser and candies
  • and a Donatello shell shirt from WeLoveFine
The Dorbz and shirt are nice, but both have been included in the past. (Or at least the Michelangelo and Raphael versions of the shirt have been included in past boxes.) The watch is covered with a flexible piece of vinyl which serves as the band and completely covers the face of the watch. to see the time, you press the face and the digital display becomes visible through the vinyl material briefly. This means that for most of the time, the watch is more of a decorative bracelet until you press the face. It works, but reading the display behind the transition from the dark background to Raphael's leg is a bit annoying. Plus, when you want to see the time and press the face, it takes a second for it to display the actual time. That seems like it would be annoying if you just want to quickly check the time. It certainly isn't going to convince me to go back to wearing a watch over using the clock on my phone.


Inside my box this month was a plastic bag with a few bonus items. Included inside was a second t-shirt, a TMNT glow wand and a pair of TMNT socks. Unfortunately they were not selected to match the shirt size selected as part of your subscription. So I have no hope of wearing the socks as usual. And even the shirt is too small. The shirt is the same design concept as the other one. But has a Fast Forward style design and colors.

Value - 5/10

The TMNTBox subscriptions start at $20 per month plus shipping. And strickly speaking, that isn't a bad price for a shirt, Dorbz and watch. But since the shirt and Dorbz are both something we have seen in previous boxes which makes them far less interesting and rewarding to find in a box once again.

Happy Hunting:

Want a box of random TMNT dropped off on your doorstep or know someone who would? You can sign up at Of course you won't be getting exactly this assortment of items. But it's a gift box, not knowing what's inside is half of the fun.

LCD watch

Pez dispenser Donatello shirt

Turtle shell shirt collection Dorbz Rocksteady Rocksteady front and back

Bonus Items

bonus shirt glow wand socks