TMNTbox October Classic and Combo Boxes

Box 1 Box 2
Well it's November. So you know what that means, I'm late with the review of the latest TMNTbox again. Though I wasn't responsible for the delay this time. For reasons unknown, the boxes did not ship out at the beginning of the month as usual. I did not receive my boxes until the last week of October. I had also tried to drop the second box from my subscription since they no longer have the Classic and Modern box options. But I still ended up receiving two. Oddly, one was almost an exact repeat of last month and the two boxes, both of which should have been classic boxes, had significantly different items. So while questions still abound, lets see what this month's boxes have to offer.

Packaging - 4/10

No change in the box design yet again. That is no big surprise. Though I do wonder if the existing shape/size of the boxes is limiting the selection of items that can be included since it needs to be able to fit in the existing box size.

Contents - Box One 3/10, Box Two 5/10

The first box I received this month had six items:
  • another Michelangelo t-shirt from Welovefine
  • a TMNT Pez Dispenser
  • a kid's TMNT cap
  • a Donatello felt mask
  • a Bioworld TMNT wallet
  • and a water bottle featuring 2014 movie Michelangelo
Getting the exact same shirt two months in a row is a huge disappointment. And then throwing in a kid's Nickelodeon Turtles cap when they know the correct shirt size seems very short sighted. And it is a bit petty, but this is suppose to be a classic assortment box. And the water bottle, Pez and cap are all modern Turtles merchandise. That doesn't bother me too much, but if you did order this box specifically as classic Turtles fan, this would be a very disappointing assortment of stuff.

The second box had five items:

  • a Raphael shirt from Welovefine
  • a Funko Pop! Pocket key chain figurine
  • a Funko Pop Mystery Mini figure
  • a TMNT cap
  • and a Donatello felt mask
Getting yet another WeLoveFine shirt, and one that is VERY similar to the previous month is annoying. But this version is a different Turtle and this one is long sleeved as well. The cap, while not something I would wear, is at least both the classic Turtles and a adult style. The Funko items are nice, though I already have both. And the August boxes already included a Mystery Mini. So yet again they are either repeating items or perhaps just working through extra stock, either way, it isn't nearly as exciting the second time.

Value - Box One 2/10, Box Two 5/10

The value of one of these boxes depends a great deal on whether you have any of the items already. And the likelihood of that increases greatly if you are already a TMNT collector. (It's all but guaranteed when you buy every TMNT figure you can find like yours truly.) Unfortunately it also seems like the likelihood also increases the longer you are a member when they repeat items. That really should change. The last thing they want if the service is to be a long term success is to give customers a disincentive to remain subscribers. But to their credit, there is no question that you are getting more product than the $16 to $20 price tag that the subscriptions cost.

Happy Hunting:

As usual, if you are interested in these particular assortments of items, you're out of luck. But there is still time to sign up for next month at

Raphael shirt

Michelangelo Shirt

Funko Mystery Mini Donatello

Funko key chain MIB Keychain opened classic hat modern hat wallet Michelangelo water bottle Donatello Pez