TMNTbox September Classic and Combo Boxes

Box 1 Box 2
Here we are at the end of yet another month and once again I have not yet posted a review of the latest TMNTBox. (Oops) So once again it is time to check out the latest subscription gift box for TMNT fans.

I should note, I was able to confirm that they have changed the options that they offer. Whereas I originally signed up for both the Classic and Modern box, starting in August they dropped the Modern box as an option. They still offer both a Classic and a Combo option, which are the two I have here. But they tend to share many of their items. So this should be the last month where I recieve two boxes. (And to their credit, the people at we're happy to change over my subscription and add the remainder of the Modern box subscription to the other. It's always nice to see good customer service.)

Packaging - 4/10

The packaging hasn't changed any. It is the same box as previous months with nothing more than the included items and a promotional card inviting you to tweet about TMNTbox for a chance to win a bonus prize package. I have to say, both of my boxes arrived in fairly rough shape. It was nothing that would risk damage to the items inside. But if you were planning on giving this as a gift, you might want the box to be in better condition than this. Similarly, if TMNTbox wants to set itself apart from all of the other subscription gift box services then just doing the bare minimum isn't going to cut it.

Contents - 8/10

This month each box contained five items:
  • a Funko Pop Television Michelangelo figure
  • a TMNT Pez Dispenser
  • a pair of TMNT knee length socks or a 3D Keychain figure
  • a Leonardo felt mask
  • and a t-shirt
The Funko Pop figures are nice. But they have also been around for quite some time. So chances are if you have any interest in them, you probably already have them. The Pez dispenser is a nice filler, but little more. So the biggest draws here are the socks or keychain and the shirts. Once again, the shirts are from WeLoveFine. While they are nice quality shirts, only the Pizza Party shirt is all that interesting of a design. So the Michelangelo plastron design feels like it is settling for the best of what's left. But I do have to given credit for the keychain figure. While such figures are nothing new, I have not come across this particular line before. Manufactured by Goldie International, the series includes the four Turtles, Splinter and Shredder all in their modern incarnations. They are small, but rather cute. If I knew where to find them, I'd probably pick up the other five.

In and of itself, that is a decent assortment of items. So if this was the first box you received, you would probably be pretty pleased. But this is a subscription service and I would have to assume that most of their customers are not brand new to the service. So having boxes two months in a row with largely the same items ends up being more disappointing than it should be.

Value - 7/10

The TMNTboxes range in price from $16 to $20 per box plus shipping depending upon how long of a period you commit to. Even at the $20 price, from a strict finacial perspective the gift boxes are a good deal. But of course that value drops considerably when the contents are something that you already own.

Happy Hunting:

As usual, if you are interested in these particular assortments of items, you're out of luck. But there is still time to sign up for next month at

Funko Pop Michelangelo

Raphael Pez dispenser Leonardo Pez dispenser

keychain MIB front and back Keychain opened Michelangelo Plastron shirt design Pizza Party shirt