First Gokin NT-01 Cerebral (Third party Krang) VUM Edition

NT-01 Cerebral VUM Edition front NT-01 Cerebral VUM Edition rear

First Gokin's Cerebral was the first third party toy inspired by the Ninja Turtles when it was released last year. And it seems to have been fairly successful as the company has plans to follow up with a figure based on Shredder later this year. But in the mean time, they have produced a second run of Cerebral figures, this time with Vac-Metal finish. I won't bother with a full review since the new version isn't that different from the original. But I figured that some people would want to see how this version compared to the original. The differences seem to be limited to the paint finish and some very slight changes to the accessories.

Cerebral in box

Cerebral side by side Cerebral & VUM Cerebral Cerebral & VUM Cerebral