Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Half-Shell Heroes Party Wagon review

Party Wagon with Donnie
The Half-Shell Heroes toy line isn't technically based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, but that doesn't mean that they won't borrow from it whenever possible. So it's no great surprise that after the introduction of the Party Wagon into the show in the middle of season three and into the regular toy line, that it would also make its way into the Half-Shell Heroes toy line. It just took an extra year for it to make it to shelves.

Packaging - 8/10

The Party Wagon comes in the same style packaging as all of the Half-Shell Heroes vehicles with the vehicle attached to an open base and a large backer panel onto which the figure and accessories are attached. They used the bottom of the package for photos of all of the other HSH toys available or coming up soon. The back shows the Party Wagon with a set of figures and showing off the features. It looks great. But the packaging is a bit large for the size of the Party Wagon, especially the back panel. And the design has a lot of exposed edges and a "try me" banner mounted on back panel, all of which are easily damaged.

Sculpting - 8/10

The Party Wagon in the regular line turned out well despite the handicap of being based on the 2014 Movie Assault Van. The Half-Shell Heroes version didn't have that handicap. So it ends up being the best looking version of the Party Wagon yet. They made the already coimicly large spoiler even bigger and it lacks an interior. But aside from those minor issues, it is a really cool looking vehicle.

Paint - 7/10

The Half-Shell Heroes Party Wagon doesn't have a great deal of paint work. But the work that did go into it was made to count. And the results speak for themselves. Even without any real detail work, the final product still looks sharp.

Play Value - 9/10

The Half-Shell Heroes Party Wagon has a number of interesting features built into it. First of all, it will of course hold a number of figures. There are pegs inside for figures to stand at both the driver's and passenger position, another on the side door and plenty of room for extra figures inside. There's also a platform on the back with room for a figure and when you open the roof they even included two foot pegs on the backside. So there are a ton of opportunities to have your Half-Shell Heroes figures interact with the Party Wagon. Then for actual action features, the front bumper works as a battering ram, the doors open and the spoiler pops up to reveal two disc launchers and a hidden gunner's platform. They even included a peg on the back to give you a place to store the additional disc launcher ammo. It could use a more robust interior such as actual seats for the the driver and passenger. But even without that, this is a really fun toy.

Value - 8/10

The Half-Shell Heroes version of the Party Wagon sells for $30, basicly the same price as the Party Wagon from the regular toy line. While the HSH version is smaller, it has more features to it and comes with a figure to boot. The Half-Shell Heroes Party Wagon is the latest version of an iconic vehicle, so $30 is not a bad price.

Happy Hunting:

The Half-Shell Heroes Party Wagon is a new addition to the toy line in 2016. It has been showing up steadily in stores for the last two months. They aren't quite common yet, but they are becoming more and more common. It should be getting added to online stores soon as well. But for now, I have seen it at most Target stores here and the local Toys R Us store as well.

HSH Party Wagon MIB front

HSH Party Wagon MIB rear

packaging details

Party wagon passenger side Party Wagon driver's side Party Wagon front Party Wagon rear view Party Wagon pizza accessories Party Wagon spoiler Party Wagon pizza storage 1 Party Wagon pizza storage 2 Party Wagon disc launcher Party Wagon hidden gunner front bumper ram figures in front window figures on roof side door position Donnie front and back Party Wagon and Shellraiser HSH & regular Party Wagon