Mega Bloks Modern TMNT Baxter Mutation Lab Review

complete set
I've reviewed all of the smaller Mega Bloks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Nickelodeon sets. So it's time to move on to some of the larger, more interesting sets. And the first up is the smallest of the individual sets: Baxter's Mutation Lab. While it isn't very large in total piece count, smaller than any of the medium sized sets. But it does come with three mini figures including a Leonardo with slashing action feature. This is also the first example of a set where Mega Bloks has basically remade a set that Lego released as part of their TMNT line. It's not a comparison that favors Mega Bloks unfortunately.

Packaging - 7/10

Mega Bloks came up with a nice packaging design for the modern toy line. And as the sets grow in size, it becomes possible for the individual elements large and more detailed. This set is ultimately still a bit too small. So the box is pretty crowded. But I would rather see a bit of crowding than shrink the images down further to where they would be too hard to see.

Sculpting/Design - 2/10

We already saw a mutating lab play set that was VERY similar to this one in Lego's line back in 2014, the Mutation Chamber Unleashed. Revisiting a past concept is fine. But you had better produce something that is better than the previous attempt. Mega Bloks failed in that regard. Lego created a multi-level play set with a quick change feature that worked fairly well. Mega Blok's version is little more than a tank with a mechanism to hold a figure in place and lower them into the tank and a few accessories for flavor. Even without the Lego version to put it to shame, this set wouldn't reflect all that well on Mega Bloks. Even the construction quality is lacking. The four pieces that form the base on my set will not lie flat resulting in a play set that wobbles slightly.

Paint - 3/10

The three figures included all have the usual level of paint work. That is to say that they aren't quite fully painted. But there is enough paint work to do the job and they look ppretty good. But the rest of the set has nothing. No decoration at all. There isn't even a control panel. The result is that the entire play set has an unfinished look to it.

Accessories - 5/10

The Mutation Lab comes with swords for both Leo and the Foot Soldier, a laptop, two crates, a flask and the spare parts to change Baxter from his human form into his mutated form. The extra parts for Baxter are nice. But they are a bit of a poor substitute for including two complete figures. Even the other accessories are underwhelming. This is suppose to be Baxter's lab play set. But a single flask and two crates upon which to place said flask doesn't make a lab. I suppose I can use the work bench from the Advent Calendar. But I shouldn't have to.

Value - Original Price 3/10, Clearance 10/10

This isn't a great set. To be honest, if you like the idea of the set, you will be better off finding one of the Lego mutation chamber sets on the secondary market. From what I see on eBay they can be found for the same retail price as this set or even a bit cheaper. (Though you'll still have to pay shipping.) But since this is the only means of getting a Mega Bloks Baxter Stockman or Fly-Stockman figure, the set can't be completely dismissed. Fortunately with the rebranding of the Mega Bloks name, all the existing sets are being sold at clearance. At the significantly reduced prices that the sets are hitting, it will quickly become worth buying. Personally, I'll probably pick up a second set so I can have both versions of Baxter.

Happy Hunting:

Baxter's Mutation Lab set is available through most toy retailers. I have seen it at pretty much every major retailer and more than a few others as well. It's also available online through Toys R Us' site and others. But that likely won't last long unless they reissue the set under the new Mega Construx branding.

Mutation Lab MIB front and back

Leo, Baxter & Foot Ninja

dunking mechanism

tank front tank side tank top Baxter ready to be dunked Baxter Mutated Expanded lab Mega Bloks verses Lego labs accessories laptop close up Leonardo front and back Foot Ninja front and back Baxter front and back Human and Fly Baxter Fly Stockman front and back