TMNTbox April Classic Box

April Box
The latest TMNTbox arrived this week. But it's arrival reminded me that I never got around to posting a review of the box in April. I wish I could say that I have a good excuse, like that the box was late once again. But the truth is that TMNTbox's second offering at their new lower price point just left me so underwhelmed that I set it aside and completely forgot about it.

Packaging - 4/10

The packaging remains the same once again. There's nothing terribly wrong with the box per say. Though now that they only include a couple of items each month, it seems like a lot of wasted space. And as I have lamented in the past, there is still no effort improve the experience with any sort of background on the items. Although, since they tend to repeat the same items so many times, perhaps they don't want to encourage customers to buy more of the items that they receive in the boxes so they can continue to include them in future boxes.

Contents 2/10

This is the second month of the new, smaller TMNTboxes. So we knew to expect fewer items. And the April boxes have just two items:
  • a Leonardo Dorbz
  • a plastic TMNT drinking glass
That's it. I was really expecting either a Donatello or Raphael tumbler similar to the ones included in February and March. But it turns out that the company that made those glasses only made Leonardo and Michelangelo. So instead they included an inexpensive plastic tumbler with a poorly colored image of the classic cartoon Turtles with the phrase "the world's most fearsome fighting team" circling around them. The base is kind of cool with a faceted design and green, ooze like color. But the plastic is very easily scratched and the graphics are not dishwasher safe. After just a single wash, mine is already very scratched up and will never look clean again. I'll skip going into much detail about the Leo Dorbz. You can check my review of the Vinyl Sugar Dorbz figures for more detail. But I tend to believe that the surprise of not knowing what is going to be in each box is one of the biggest draws for any gift or subscription box. This is now the fifth Dorbz to be included in a TMNTBox and the sense of surprise is long since gone.

Value - 5/10

The TMNTBox are selling at their new, lower price tag of $9.99 plus shipping and handling. It's not a steal. But given that a Dorbz figure on its own carries a suggested retail price of $10, I can't complain about the price too much either. Of course, since the Dorbz figures have been out for almost six months now, you should be able to find them for less than retail fairly easily if you wanted to.

Happy Hunting:

The website for TMNTBox is So if you have the urge to sign up, that's where you can do so. Though to be honest, I'm looking forward to the end of my subscriptions in a few months.

Leo Dorbz MIB


Leo Dorbz front and back Leo Dorbz close up glass bottom Leo & Mike glass pack