TMNTbox February Classic Box

Classic Box
After missing the month of January entirely, the TMNTbox service managed to get maginally back on track in February and delivered my box to my door on the 29th of February. Granted, they only made it within the month thanks to the fact that it was a leap year, but we'll have to take what we can get. So lets see what goodies they have to offer this month.

Packaging - 3/10

The shipping box that they use hasn't changed. And they still have no communication or explanation for subscribers about the significant delays over the last two months.

Contents 2/10 (6/10 for a new/nonsubscriber)

The February box has another four TMNT items:
  • a glass pint glass featuring Michelangelo with a metallic finish
  • a series three TMNT Mash'Ems
  • an air freshener
  • and another shell shirt from WeLoveFine, this time it is Michelangelo again
Of the four items included in this month's box, the air freshener and Smash 'Em figure both seem like filler items. Both are relatively inexpensive items. The pint glass is cute. But according to its label it is neither dishwasher nor microwave safe. And given that it lacks a separate label or UPC symbol, I'm inclined to assume that they have taken a single glass out of a larger set and included it in this month's box. So over the next three months, we can expect to get the remaining three Turtles. Finally there is the shirt. Good God what is it about these shirts? I've now gotten one in September, two in October, four of them in December, two more last month and these. I have almost a dozen of them! Granted, I did subscribe to two boxes which very few people are likely to do. But even if I hadn't done that, I would still have five or six of them. If you want to encourage people to continue to subscribe to this service, this is not the way to do it. On the otherhand, I still have to admit that they are nice shirts. If this is your first time getting the box, it would be a decent collection of items.

Value - 2/10

This appears to be the final month with $20 TMNTboxes. Going forward they have dropped the price to $10 per month and will be including fewer items per month than past boxes. If this was the first time you were ordering, $25 with the shipping wouldn't be a bad price. The shirt alone would cost you that much if you ordered it directly from WeLoveFine's site. Of course this is not my first month receiving these boxes. And after multiple months of getting the same basic shirt, this was enough to get me to cancel my subscription after the current period ends in a few months.

Happy Hunting:

If you are interested in subscribing to the TMNTbox service either for yourself or as a gift, you can go to to do so. Though, as I mentioned, they are changing things up starting in March. It remains to be seen if things will improve going forward beyond just the price.

Michelangelo glass

Air freshener

bottom of the glass Mash 'Em canister Mash 'Em open Mash 'EM three Michelangelo front and back Mash 'Em figures