Ikon Collectables Classic Leonardo on Defeated Mouser Statue Review

Leonardo front view Leonardo rear view
There were a lot of Ninja Turtle statues and high end collectibles announced in 2015. But very few of them actually managed to make it to market last year. But that just means that there is that much more that should be arriving in 2016. I've already reviewed the first two statues from Prime 1 Studio based on the 2014 TMNT movie. But if you prefer the classic cartoon look instead, Ikon Collectables (not a spelling error, that's how it is spelled on the shipping carton.) finally released their first statue based on the classic cartoon: Leonardo on a defeated Mouser. (Of course it is actually based on the modern interpretation of the 1980's cartoon instead.) So if the movie and comic based just haven't been to your taste, you finally have a 'toon based option.

Packaging - 8/10

The box for the the Leonardo statue is pretty clean and simple. There is a large photo of the statue on a blue background with the outline of a manhole cover in the center. The design is the same on the front and both sides. But they change the photo so when you look at left side or right side, you see the corresponding view of the statue. The back has a brief character description, an image of Leo with the other three Turtles in sillohette (perhaps we will eventually see a full set of statues) and the number of the statue at the bottom. Overall the box is bright and colorful and shows off the statue well. And that really what you want out of the box for a statue.

Sculpting - 6/10

What you think of this statue is going to depend upon if like the modern interpretation of the 1980's cartoon design. The statue matches the newer design very well. But that means the beak area is larger and more pronounced than in the cartoon. The plastron has a border around it that wasn't there in the show designs. The shell design is a little different and the toes are longer as well. Even if you do prefer the modern version, the level of detail on the statue isn't going to knock anyone's socks off. The detail on the mouser is a little sharper. And the base and TMNT logo on the front look great. I do have a fairly serious quality issue with my statue in the form of a crack across Leonardo's left foot.

Paint - 6/10

The paint work on Leonardo is decent, but not very elaborate. The flesh is all just a single green color with no shading which creates some large monochrome areas. They did add a little subtle shading on the plastron. The mouser has a nice metallic finish and some decent detail work for the exposed wires where the leg is missing. Unfortunately they did get a little sloppy with the paint on the manhole cover base. It's not horrible, but easy to see if you are looking directly at the base. And my statue has a discolored stripe on one of his swords which is really disappointing.

Articulation - 0/10

This is a statue, so there is no articulation. It doesn't even have removable parts such as the Prime 1 Studio statues or Sideshow comiquettes had such as removable swords or base. With the Ikon statue, Leonardo comes out of the box fully assembled and ready to go on a shelf.

Value - 6/10

Ikon Collectables TMNT statues are selling for just under $200 each. I paid $190 for mine. In theory that isn't a bad price for a statue of this size and considering it has a production run of just four hundred pieces. But the simple character design just doesn't have the level of detail or complex paint work that would make it look like something you would fork out $200 for.

Happy Hunting:

Leonardo is available now. I ordered mine from Big Bad Toy Store. It is also in stock at Entertainment Earth's web site. But the price is $40 higher.

Leonardo Box front

box back

right side view left side view leonardo's face close up leonardo's belt sword discoloration mouser and cracked foot mouser overview mouser front view manhole cover base bottom of base logo