TMNTbox January Classic Box

Classic Box
It's nearing the end of February and I have not posted a review of the January TMNTbox yet. So you would be excused for thinking that I had forgotten or was just behind. But this time it wasn't my fault. For reasons which they never bothered to explain, the January box did not arrive until this week. The delay was quite annoying, though not unforgivable if the contents prove to be worth the wait. Sadly that isn't the case. I'm going to keep this review short since January's box ended up being quite a disappointment and not worth a great deal of my time for a longer review.

Packaging - 1/10

The actual packaging hasn't changed from prior months. You get the same TMNTbox with the same graphics. Inside the items are reasonably neatly packed with the extra space filled with crumpled packing paper. But there is an important item missing, an explaination of why the box was a month late. They had sent out a quick email earlier to warn subscribers that there would be a delay. But this is supposed to be a MONTHLY service. If you are going to ship a full month late, there should be some sort of notice/apology included. At the very least, it would help to clarify that this was actually the longed delayed January box and they didn't just skip a month and this was meant to be February's box. I understand that delay's are occassionally going to happen. But when they do, a better company would have put in the extra effort to keep their customers informed.

Contents 2/10 (6/10 for a new/nonsubscriber)

The classic box had just four items this month:
  • one Dorbz figure from Vinyl Sugar
  • a Funko Pop! Keychain
  • a PEZ dispenser and candies
  • and a Leonardo shell shirt from WeLoveFine
Every one of these is a repeat from prior boxes. Granted, each item has been for a different character. So now I have a complete set of shell pattern shirts, Dorbz from the prior two months' boxes, Pez dispensers in September's, October's and December's boxes and and Leonardo Pop! Keychain in October. If this was my first or even second box, this would be a fun assortment of items to receive. But after more than six months, repeating every item in the box and then delivering it a month late is more than enough reason for just about anyone to cancel their subscription.

Value - 2/10

To be fair, strickly based on the retail value, the items included are well worth the roughly $20 monthly cost for th subscription. But the retail value of the items in the box is only part of why you sign up for a service like this. A big part of the appeal is the surprise of finding out what is included in each month's box. And even if some of the items are things that they wouldn't buy for themselves, finding such items in a subscription box can be alot of fun. So a box full of the same items that have already been sent out before is a huge let down. If I didn't have 5 months left on my subscription already prepaid, this would probably be my last box.

Happy Hunting:

You can go to for more information about subscriptions that they offer and if you want to sign up for the Turtle fan in your life. While I obviously haven't been very positive about the January box, I do still see where this could be a fun present for TMNT fans of all ages, you just might not want to sign up for more than a month or two. On the more positive side of things, I have already received notice that the February box is shipping. So hopefully they will be able to redeem themselves with that box.

Pop keychain MIB

Dorbz MIB

Dorbz front and back

Pop keychain front and back