TMNTbox June Classic Box

June Box
June marks the twelth month of my subscription to the TMNTbox subscription service. And it was also the final month of my subscriptions. But after so many months of boxes filled with the same items over and over, I decided I wasn't going to sign up for yet another six months. But that still leaves the final month's offering from last month to check out.

Packaging - 5/10

The new, smaller box is back once again. The smaller size seems more appropriate for the new price point. But I still haven't figured out what the extra slot on the back is meant for. But it's the lack of any sort of communication or community building which I've been hoping for since the first box that makes the packaging still seem incomplete. You still have no information about what is being included, where they came from or where to pick up more if you enjoy the contents of each month's box.

Contents 8/10

The TMNTbox is back with its lower price point for a second month. And of course the total number of items is lower as well. This time around the box contained just two items. But they were pretty good ones. First up is a new TMNT t-shirt. The design has the four classic toon styled Turtles leaping into action around the TMNT logo. It's a nice, classic design and is even on a simple grey shirt which lets the graphics stand out. Of course you couldn't call it an assortment of items if it were only the shirt. So they also included another TMNT Mash'ems figure as well. This time around they are from series four.

Value - 8/10

The cost of the TMNTbox is just $9.99 plus shipping. That wouldn't be an unreasonable price just for a shirt. For a shirt and the Mash'em figure, that is an impressive deal. It's also nice to be done with Dorbz figures every month. These boxes become far less interesting in my opinion when you know what is going to be included month after month.

Happy Hunting:

As in the past, if you want to sign up for the TMNTbox in the future, visit Of course the contents change every month, so there's no telling what you may find in future boxes.

shirt design

mash'em container

mash'em kraang