TMNTbox March Classic Box

March Box
Well March is here and surprisingly, so is the March TMNTbox. So after missing January and nearly missing February, they seem to be getting the service back on track with March. This also marks the first month of the new revamp for the service. They have dropped the separate box assortments for classic, modern or combination entirely. They have also dropped the price to just $10 per month. Of course, with the price drop, there will be fewer items in the boxes each month. I have no problem with that change. The concept behind the service was ambitious from the start. And for the last few months, they haven't had much luck getting new products to fill the box anyway. So if they can get the service back on track at a $10 price tag, it would be for the best. I might even be convinced resubscribe when my current subscription ends in June.

Packaging - 4/10

With the new, smaller box assortments, I was expecting the shipping boxes to be smaller as well. But it is the same old box once again. But there is one notable improvement. They included a one page letter detailing the changes that started this month. It's just a simple letter, but it's nice to see some communication coming from the company.

Contents 3/10

With the switch to smaller assortment, they should have an easier time finding new items. But they didn't take advantage of it this month as March's box includes three items, all of which are repeated items from past boxes:
  • another glass pint glass with a metallic finish
  • a series three TMNT Mash'Ems
  • and a series one keychain figure from Goldie
I suspected that we would see more of the glasses when I noticed that they came from a set with last month's box. The keychain figures and Mash 'Ems figure have both been included once before. But repeating blind bag items is risky. There's no way to tell if you are sending out the same thing again or not. I wouldn't mind them as extras or filler along with a new item. But a box with all repeated items shows that the people behind the TMNTbox are not putting any additional effort into the subscription boxes after the price change.

Value - 4/10

The price for the TMNTbox has dropped to $10 per month. But you are also only getting half the items. Though I am more comfortable wasting $10 per month instead of $20. Plus, there is some value to eventually completing the full set of TMNT glasses if we're lucky.

Happy Hunting:

If you are interested in the new, cheaper TMNTbox subscriptions, you can go to to sign up.

Leonardo glass

Mash 'em canister

Series 3 Donatello

Series three mash 'ems keyring blind bag Shredder keyring front and back glass collection