TMNTbox May Classic Box

May Box
We're already well into the month of May, time is just flying by. And with another month comes another offering from TMNTbox. The latest offering from this subscription box service arrived on my doorstep last week. So let's check it out.

Packaging - 6/10

So right off the bat there was an obvious change this month, a new box design! It makes sense and is honestly a bit overdue. With the new lower price and only a couple of items each month, the old box was unnecessarily large. And shipping out a mostly empty box is not a great way to impress customers. Interestingly, it appears that the box is designed to be adjustable in size. That could be a cool idea, but the fact that it leaves a slot open on the edge of the box is kind of strange. And I must admit that I was disappointed to find that the slot wasn't a feature for customers to use with the box but simply poor design. And there is still no additional material to aquaint customers with what is in the box, where it came from or where to get more.

Contents 5/10

With the lower price point, each TMNTbox is only going to include a couple of items now. This month's box has two items:
  • a Michelangelo Dorbz
  • a reversible knit cap
As the only Dorbz not already included in past boxes, seeing Michelangelo's Dorbz in the box was no real surprise. Of course, that is part of the problem. I would rather have some surprising items. Fortunately, the second item sort of fills that role. This month it is a reversible knit cap with two different printed vinyl patterns depending upon which side is facing out. The random Ninja Turtle heads is not all that interesting to me. Of course it is all academic since the cap is far to small for my head.

Value - 6/10

The cost of the TMNTbox is just $9.99 plus shipping. The Dorbz figures originally sold for $10 each. And if the price tag attached is to be believed, the hat sold for $20. I'm sure that it was available for significantly less given that we are going into the summer. But it still gives you the sense that you are getting your money's worth from one of these boxes. If I had not already received Dorbz figures for the last five months, and this was my first box, it would seem like a terrific deal.

Happy Hunting:

As usual, if you are interested in signing up for the service, either for yourself or as a gift, you can go to to do so.

Michelangelo Dorbz MIB


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