Mighty Bebop

The Muscle-bound Mutant Menace!

Asst. No. 5000-50
Stock No. 5423

Vital Suptistics


Fisty Shield
Tranquilizin' Dart Wrist Rifle
Harey, the Beefed-up Bunny Sidekick

Favorite Hero:

Super Shredder




Stronger than Shredder's foot odor, faster than Krang's drool, it's the Foot Clan's answer to those super sewer green good guys-mighty bad, mighty ugly-Mighty Bebop! He flies through the air with pungent pig power (you'll know what we mean when you "smell" it)-which is why Harey, the Beefed-up Bunny Sidekick's nose is always twitchin'! Mighty Bebop crushes unsuspecting Turtles with his Mutant muscles. He's a caped crook loaded with specialized Turtle terrorizin' tools, like the fisty shield and the tranquilizin' dart wrist rifle. And each one of those super torturin' tools is covered by a lifetime Foot guarantee. So there's no stoppin' Mighty Bebop, unless you smell worse than Shredder's feet. Well, do ya?


1993 Release, purple weapons
purple weapons on card, front and back
1993 Release, red weapons
red weapons on card, front and back

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