Camo-Armor Turtleflage Leonardo

The Shocking Shell Surpriser!

Asst. No. 33000
Stock No. 33011


Tri-Blade Mace of Destruction
Strap-On Battle Blend Armor

Way of the Turtle

Splinter Says:

"To blend in with the background is to be invisible."

Concealed within his Battle Blend Armor, Turtleflage Leonardo waits patiently for his prey to step just a little closer. The psychotically evil and somewhat disturbed Bonesteel inches toward the empty wall, curiously cautious in this empty alleyway - for he knows that the Turtles now possess the power of Turtleflage. But he scoffs at their so-called skills - clearly, he thinks in his sick, psychologically scattered brain, this alley is empty. Bonesteel turns his back to the wall. Leo whips out from under his Battle Blend Armor and strikes Bonesteel from behind. The sound of his Tri-Blade Mace of Destruction echos throughout the darkened city. Bonesteel now knows the power of Turtleflage and the meaning of the word, "Ouch!"


card front and back

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