Turtleflage Raphael

The "Now You See Him, Now Ya Don't" Dude!

Asst. No. 33000
Stock No. 33012


Head Bangin' Axe Mace
Strap-On Battle Blend Armor

Way of the Turtle

Splinter Says:

"To blend in with the background is to be invisible."

Raph was just mindin' his own business outside of Dr. Quease's secret lav when suddenly he gets attacked by Vam Mi. A vicious blow to his tender Turtle head sends him spinnin' across the street. Then voila! - employing his Turtleflage, he's gone! Vam Mi can't see him anywhere. She saunters to the spot where he vanished and begins to look for a sewer cover or inter-dimensional gateway. She bends down to inspect a suspicious candy wrapper when - Bamm! Raph releases the fury that is named Head Bangin' Axe Mace! Vam Mi stumbles and turns to see her attacker - but there is no one there. Bamm! Another blow is struck for justice. Vam Mi makes a run for it as Raph magically appears in front of an empty wall. As she runs, Raph calls out: "I'm calling you Vam Bamm from now on!"


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