Camo-Armor Turtleflage Donatello

The Where'd He Go Wacko!

Asst. No. 33000
Stock No. 33013


Double-edged Spinning Lance o' Chance
Strap-On Battle Blend Armor

Way of the Turtle

Splinter Says:

"To blend in with the background is to be invisible."

Turtleflage Donatello peers out into the steely night. An Elite Guard stumbles down the street. He has no clue, no idea... no warning. And that's just the way Donatello likes it. Tonight, you can pass by any fence and see nothing but fence. Break the law, though, and you'll see a furious flurry of green! Mutant green! And that's the color that suddenly envelopes the Elite Guard as he attempts to detonate a device outside of City Hall. Leaping out from his battle blend background, Turtleflage Donatello storms into action, whipping his Double-edged Spinning Lance o' Chance like a whirling dervish! The element of surprise is all his. This Turtle trickster commands the conflagration - and victory is his reward for his mastery of the Turtleflage technique. Wait - where did he go? Is he off to find Dr. Quease's secret lab? Or - wait a minute - is that Turtleflage Donatello - or a simple wooden fence?


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