Turtleflage Venus

The Vanishin' Vixen!

Asst. No. 33000
Stock No. 33015


Terrifying Tri-Ball Mace
Strap-On Battle Blend Armor

Way of the Turtle

Splinter Says:

"To blend in with the background is to be invisible."

Venus is on patrol through the mean streets of the city. She turns her head towards a strange sound. No time for back-up - besides, the boys would only get in her way. The sound comes closer as Venus employs her Turtleflage mastery to blend into the background. She stands perfectly still as Bonesteel, Vam Mi and Dr. Quease approach her. They have captured a stray cat, undoubtedly for some strange, gene-altering experiment. The evil trio stop directly in front of Venus, unaware of her presence - their first and last mistake. Suddenly Bonesteel drops to the ground with a thud... a distinct dent now visible on his head. Vam Mi and Dr Quease look startled, but see no one. Without warning, Vam Mi collapses and the captured cat scampers free. Dr. Quease turns in a panic just in time to see Venus appear before the empty wall - her Terrifying Tri-Ball Mace held high above her head. As Dr. Quease joins his comatose comrades face down on the ground, Venus declares, "Three strikes! You're out!"


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