Carcass Collecting Bad Boy!

Asst. No. 33000
Stock No. 33016


Shell Crunchin' Crossbows
Turtle Targetin' Bazookas

Way of the Turtle

Splinter Says:

"Keep your body as clean as your mind." An unclean body is a sign of a untrained mind. Never let your smell become more powerful than your fist.

The Turtles have Bonesteel on the run. He has just stolen two very valuable endangered animals from the city zoo. Just before the Turtles can pounce, Bonesteel pulls out his Turtle Targetin' Bazooka and lets a load go! KaBoom! The Turtles are gone. But Bonesteel is not so easily fooled. He arms himself with his Shell Crushin' Crossbow and walks slowly to the end of the alley. Suddenly Bonesteel hears a sneeze. He twirls around and fires, sending a poisoned arrow into the darkness - but there is no one there. Bonesteel begins to panic and swings his double Handle Turtle Axe wildly about but it's razor sharp edge finds no flesh. Then as if on cue all five Turtles magically appear in the alley way. Bonesteel is surrounded, he whips out the bag containing the two rare creatures and tosses it high into the air. The Turtles lunge forward and snag the bag before it hits the ground. The Turtles have saved the animals but Bonesteel is gone. His maniacal laughter is heard echoing through the darkness as Donatello sneezes again.


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