The Big Bad Boss!

Asst. No. 33000
Stock No. 33017


Turtle Terrorizin' Tommy Guns
Cool Canes with Hidden Blades

Way of the Turtle

Splinter Says:

"Never trust a talking gorilla." Dark powers always betray their masters, for they serve no one. The power of good serves all and is the true calling of ninjas.

Silver wants to take over this fancy town - plus all the crime and graft within its limits. He's got just one itsy-bitsy problem - those pesky Turtles. They're always sticking their flat little noses where they don't belong, see? So Silver's gonna send 'em all to sleep with the fishes, see? That's right. All he needs is to get 'em in front of his trusty Turtle Terrorizin' Tommy Gun and - kabam! It's so long Turtles and hello city! Then old Silver here will be on top o' the world and nobody, but nobody will be able to stop him. So Turtles, if you know what's healthy for ya, you'll take a powder and blow this town before old Silver gets his paws on ya!


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