Camo-Bandanna Leonardo

Camo-Bandanna Leonardo

Asst. No. 33170
Stock No. 33171


Big Bad Battle Blaster

Way of the Turtle

Splinter says:

"To be invisible, one must blend into the background - big time!"

Leonardo loves a challenge - and he's got one now! Vam Mi has got him cornered and she's moving in. All Leonardo can hear is the sound of Vam Mi's heels clicking on the asphalt - coming closer and closer. Leo relies on his instincts - tuned from years of training - and instantly whips out his Big Bad Battle Blaster, firing off a high powered missile. Splinter has taught him well. As the smoke clears, it reveals an empty street - Vam Mi is gone. The sound of a hundred sirens fills the air - somebody is going to have to explain the giant crater in the middle of the street. Leo stands tall and quickly takes out his Battle Blend Bandanna and disappears, seemingly into thin air.


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