Camo-Bandanna Donatello

Camo-Bandanna Donatello

Asst. No. 33170
Stock No. 33172


Big Bad Battle Blaster

Way of the Turtle

Splinter says:

"To be invisible, one must blend into the background - big time!"

Donatello lines up his target with the aiming sights of his Big Bad Battle Blaster. Range 200 yards. He tests the wind. 1.5 knots from the southwest. He makes a mental calculation and a slight adjustment to his aim. Slowly he squeezes the trigger. KAQUEASE! Dr. Quease's not-so-secret lab is no more. There is no time for a hasty retreat. Don instantly uses his Battle Blend Bandanna to conceal himself. He blends in perfectly with his surroundings. And there is no one left to take the blame for the destroyed warehouse and the slightly charred Dr. Quease. Sometimes it's just too easy.


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