Camo-Bandanna Raphael

Camo-Bandanna Raphael

Asst. No. 33170
Stock No. 33173


Big Bad Battle Blaster

Way of the Turtle

Splinter says:

"To be invisible, one must blend into the background - big time!"

The night is chilling. And Raphael is just getting around to his second cheese pizza when his chomping is interrupted by the bellowing voice of Dragon Lord. He's near the lair! Swiftly and silently, Raphael sneaks to the streets, armed with his Big Bad Battle Blaster and a half eaten wedge. Before another sound is heard, the Blaster explodes a hole into the side of the wall where Dragon Lord was stalking. Did he get him? Raph dons his Battle Blend Bandanna and vanishes toward the wall, to check out his markmanship. No wall. No Dragon Lord. He must've jumped away at the last minute. No time for regrets - the cheese is congealing. Raphael returns to his lair, pizza in hand.


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