Marvel Unlimited Tony Stark Promotional Figure review

Marvel Universe Annual Plus package
This ought to be a fairly short review. Each year for the last four or five years, Marvel Comics have had a promotion for their online comics subscription service. If you sign up for a full year of the service, you could also receive an exclusive Marvel Legends figure as well as a few other items. Some of the past offerings have included a gold version of Ultron, Rescue (Pepper Potts in Iron Man style armor), Rocket Raccoon and a repaint of Ms. Marvel. This year I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for a subscription. And this year's promotional figure finally arrived recently. This year, it is Tony Stark in a business suit. So I wanted to take a few minutes to check out the figure and the extra goodies that were included to see if I made a mistake waiting so long to sign up.

Packaging - Figure 1/10, Overall 6/10

The Marvel Unlimited figures don't come in full retail packaging. In fact the figure is just packaged in a simple clear plastic baggie. So if you are solely a MOC collector, these may not appeal to you. But that isn't to say that they didn't put any effort into packaging. In addition to the figure, Marvel also included three comics, a pair of Marvel pins and a Thanos patch. All of those items are shipped in a custom box with some nice Marvel artwork both on the front and inside. The box isn't anything too impressive. It certainly isn't something I would be tempted to keep. But it is nice to see that they put a little effort into it instead of just tossing all of the items into a padded envelope.

Sculpting - 7/10

This version of Tony Stark finally provides us with a version of Tony in his civilian clothing. Of course in reality it is the same male body in a business suit that we have seen used for Agent Coulson, Chameleon, Bruce Banner, the Purple Man and probably some more over the last few years. And of course it comes with a Tony Stark head sculpt. I'm not sure if it is intended to represent Robert Downy Jr or not. It is a decent likeness of the actor, though not perfect. But given that the character is often portrayed in the comic as looking like the actor as well. It's a pretty obvious choice for a civilian Tony Stark figure. And for the most part it works. Though the suit isn't really as well fitted as what I would expect Tony Stark to wear.

Paint - 4/10

We've seen this suit in quite a few different color combinations over the last few years. But this is certainly the most garish, even compared to the Purple Man's purple suit and red shirt. The suit itself has an almost metallic sheen to it which is paired with a gold tie and purple shirt. It's certainly not a style I could see wearing myself. But it could work well enough together. But what doesn't work is the fact that they couldn't properly match the sheen for the body of the suit and the paint used on the arms. That's an error that is hard to overlook.

Articulation - 8/10

Tony Stark has the same thirty-two points of articulation just as past figures which have used this body. The range of motion for the shoulder joints is more limited than the usual Marvel Legends bodies. But other than that, Tony has pretty much the normal Marvel Legends articulation.

Accessories - 0/10

The package includes a trio of comics, a patch and two pins. But the figure itself doesn't come with any accessories of its own.

Value - 2/10

Given that I have called this a promotional figure, you might be assuming that it is free. You would be wrong. It is only included with the "annual plus" subscription to Marvel Universe service. An annual subscription to Marvel's online comic database service is $69. And if you want the Annual Plus version, it will cost you an additional $30 for a total of $99. In a best case scenario where you already want the subscription as I did, then the figure really only cost me the extra $30. But even at that, it's a pretty weak value. If you only want the figure, it appears that just about every one of the past Marvel Universe exclusive figures are available on the secondary market for less than the full $100 cost of an Annual Plus subscription.

Happy Hunting:

Tony is the exclusive figure this year with a Marvel Universe subscription. So your options for getting him are either that, or the secondary market.

box front

Tony Stark front and back

Tony Stark close up