Deadpool Minimates Review

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Diamond's Minimates line has been around for a long time. And over the more than a decade, they have produced figures from a multitude of licenses. Yet, until they took on the Ninja Turtle line a few years ago, I have almost completely ignored them. But when the Deadpool movie was coming out back in February there was a noticable lack of merchandise and specifically action figures to go with the movie. But Diamond Select wasn't going to let the opportunity go by with DP fans left empty handed. They didn't have a license for movie based figures, but they did release a series of Deadpool comic themed Minimates. And since Deadpool is one of the few Marvel comics that I actually read, it was only a matter of time before my weekly stop at the comic shop included a moment of weakness and I bought my first non-TMNT Minimates. And as long as I was buying them, I might as well get the second series that have just been released. So break out the chimichangas and let's do this!

Packaging - 6/10

The Deadpool series Minimates come in window boxes that are shaped like blister card packaging. It's bright, colorful and has some nice comic style graphics featuring Minimates characters. But with a red background, red labels and images of a lot of red characters, it's just too much red. And the window is too small to provide a full view of the figures and accessories. The back of the packages does have images of all eight figures as well as character descriptions of the two characters included in that set. But with such a limited view of the figures on the front, I would rather have larger images of just the included figures on the back. In the end, the package design isn't bad. But it doesn't manage to excell in any way either.

Sculpting - Mascot Deadpool 9/10, others 8/10

Coming at these sets without being a significant fan of Minimates figures, I've been slightly spoiled by the Ninja Turtle sets which include a lot of unique parts and body shapes. So opening an full series of figures that are almost all plain Minimates bodies with a few accessories to add detail was a bit underwhelming. But once I got past that, the cutiness and charm of the simple, geometric body won me over. Though I suspect that they are going to be the type of thing where you will either love it or hate it. But the figure that really sold me on these sets is Mascot Deadpool. Based on one of my favorite issues, this figure gives Deadpool a bulky body, boots and hands to replicate the baseball mascot costume from the comic. It's kind of rediculous, both in appearance and the mere fact that a figure exists of this outfit. The new series brings a Hulk figure and Hulkpool figures which both have bulked up body pieces to set them apart as well. But unlike Mascot Deadpool the bulked up pieces don't match the rest well. Their waists and thighs are tiny by comparison, making it look like they have been assembled on some other characters waist piece.

Paint - 8/10

As with the Ninja Turtle Minimates, these figures have a combination of traditional paint work and printed graphics. But with fewer unique sculpted pieces, the Deadpool series figures use far fewer traditional paint applications and favor the printed graphics. That's not really an issue. And it means that quality control shouldn't be an issue. But I must admit that I prefer the traditional paint work.

Articulation - 7/10

All of the figures use the same body so of course, they have the same articulation:
  • ball jointed neck
  • ball jointed shoulders
  • hinged elbows
  • rotating wrists
  • rotating waist
  • ball jointed hips
  • hinged knees
That is an impressive amount of articulation for such a small body. And generally it all works well. Fresh out of the packaging, some of the joints may be siezed. But they are generally easy to work free. The only issue I did run into was one elbow joint that popped apart. But it was a trivial task to pop the forearm back on.

Accessories - Mascot DP 8/10, Marvel Now DP & Secret Wars DP 7/10, Hulkpool 6/10, others 5/10

Finally we come to the one area where there are some significant differences between these sets. Generally speaking, Diamond did a great job of not only giving each figure the appropriate weapons, but a way to store those weapons as well. But there is a glaring exception, Deadpool's swords. Other than Mascot Deadpool and Zenpool, each version of the Merc with a Mouth comes with a pair of katanas, but no sheaths for them. That seems like an obvious oversight, especially when so many versions of Deadpool already have shoulder harnesses. Beyond that, the Mascot Deadpool, Secret Wars Deadpool, Copycat and Hulkpool sets all contain enough parts to make two completely different versions of those figures. That's fairly impressive. First Appearance Wolverine and Secret Wars Deadpool both have removable masks with unmasked faces underneath. As a TMNT fan, I was just slightly disappointed to see the baby Hope and baby Deadpool that were included with Cable, since it meant that Diamond didn't invent the part for the Oroku Saki figure. (That rather petty thinking, and I know it.) And as one final note, Diamond could really benefit from some better quality control for the figure stands. The torlerances are all over the board for how the pegs fit in the figures' feet. Some fit perfectly and can be removed easily. Others will barely fit at all. The figures can stand without the extra support in most cases, so it isn't a huge issue. But if you are going to include stands, they should fit.

Value - 8/10

The Deadpool Minimates two packs sell for $7.50 each at Toys R Us. And the Hulkpool/Hulk set is a Toys R Us exclusive. The other sets should be available from specialty stores as well. But the price is likely to be slightly higher. That is a great price for two figures. And the sets give you a nice selection of characters. If you a fan of Wade Wilson, these are well worth picking up.

Happy Hunting:

As I have already mentioned a few time, I found the second series of Deadpool minimates at Toys R Us. And at least one of those three sets is exclusive to Toys R Us. The first series sets are still available online, though with series two showing up now, it would probably be best to get them soon if you don't want to have to pay secondary market prices.

Deadpool & Copycat MIB Mascot Deadpool & Bob

Zenpool & Cable Deadpool & Siryn

series one box back

Deadpool & First Appearance Wolverine MIB Armory Spider-Man & Deadpool MIB

Hulk & Hulkpool MIB Series two box back

Deadpool's the man

Series one Secret Wars Deadpool & X-Force Siryn Deadpool & Siryn's accessories Secret Wars Deadpool front and back Siryn Siryn with flight stand Secret Wars Deadpool shirtless Deadpool & Copycat Deadpool & Copycat accessories Deadpool front and back Domino front and back Copycat front and back Deadpool photo-bomb Zenpool & Cable Zenpool & Cable accessories Messiah Cable front and back Zenpool front and back flight stand Zenpool on flight stand Cable with Hope Mascot Deadpool & Bob Mascot Deadpool & Bob accessories Bob, agent of Hydra front and back mascot Deadpool front and back Bob with gun Deadpool without Mascot parts Series two Deadpool & First Appearance Wolverine Deadpool & First Appearance Wolverine accessories First Appearance Wolverine front and back Debut Deapool front and back Deadpool vs Wolverine Wolverine unmasked Armory Spider-Man and Deadpool Armory Spider-Man and Deadpool accessories Deadpool front and back Armory Spider-Man front and back Spidey Armed Armory Spidey gun storage Deaddpool with swords Hulkpool & Hulk Hulkpool & Hulk accessories Hulkpool front and back Hulk front and back Hulkpool parts Hulk with Deadpool Deadpool with a gun sword storage