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I stumbled upon an odd find a few weeks ago, a series of Transformers that I had heard nothing about previously. It was a series of new Transformer Spy Changers. I only have a handful of the previous Spy Changer figures, but it appear as though all six of the figures are repaints of previous Spy Changers with Generation 1 names and paint schemes. The card shows Optimus Prime, Jazz, Silverstreak, Wheeljack, Prowl and Hoist as part of the series but I only bought Optimus.

Packaging - 6/10

These Spy Changers come on a very small card, only 4"x6". That doesn't leave much room. The figure itself packaged in robot mode in the bubble with a photo of the vehicle mode on the card in the lower left hand corner of the card. There is a Transformers Universe logo at the top of the card, but it is extremely small ignored to fit under the J hook. The back of the card has rudimentary drawn instructions for transforming the figure as well as photos and bios for all six of the figures. Fortunately, the small instructions are hardly a concern given the simplicity of the transformations.

Sculpting - 7/10

It should be of little surprise that Optimus Prime is identical to the Spy Changer Scourge figure from the Robots in Disguise line. But what is impressive is that all of the detail of an eight inch tall figure was crammed onto a three inch tall Spy Changer with little to no loss. In fact, some areas of the Spy Changer has more sculpted detail than the full sized original. The one draw back to the figure is that the hallow parts used to keep weight and thickness down are quite visible in robot mode. The forearms and upper legs are hollow plastic to keep the parts from getting too thick. But the hollowed out portions of the arms are on the front of the figure in robot mode. There are also two screw holes in the shoulders as well. But at least they are integrated into the sculpt as the weapon barrels. The vehicle mode does hides these areas, but I would rather have the better looking robot mode.

Paint - 3/10

The paint work on Optimus is almost identical to those on the Spy Changer Scourge figure, but the results are night and day. The paint applications are well done, as is usually the case with Transformer figures. But the color of the plastic isn't dark enough which gives the entire figure a slightly cheap look. The red of the cab in vehicle mode in particular isn't dark enough. But there is also a glaring oversight for which the score takes a big hit. The front set of tires on the back (or the top tires on the legs in robot mode) are not painted. They put the chrome finish rims on, but left the tires in the blue color of the plastic. It's not that noticeable in vehicle mode thanks to the fenders. But in robot mode they are quite obvious.

Articulation - 3/10

Spy Changer Optimus technically has twelve points of articulation. But since a third of that is the four rolling wheels and half of them are just for the transformation process, you're left with only two points of articulation for the robot mode: hinged elbows. That isn't a big surprise though since most of the Spy Changer figures have had just two points of articulation. The fact that the extra set of wheels don't spin is disappointing.

Accessories - 0/10

There are no accessories at all.

Value - 7/10

Spy Changer Optimus was $2. Compared to the $5 price tag that the Spy Changer 2 packs used to carry, that's a decent price.

Happy Hunting:

I found these at a Family Dollar store in Madison, WI. I don't know if they are exclusive to that chain, but as of yet I have not heard of them showing up elsewhere.





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