Stone Cutter Lenny

Who rigs every Oscar night? Who keeps the metric system down? The Stone Cutters, who else? Sadly even they can't save the now doomed World of Springfield line and the exclusive Stone Cutter Lenny figure that is shipping now looks to be the last exclusive for the line. So much for the weekly Stone Cutter poker game. I guess they will have to take up bridge.

Packaging - 8/10

Like all of the past WOS exclusives, Stone Cutter Lenny comes packaged in his own box patterned after the cards from the regular releases. The box shows off the figure and all of the accessories nicely as well as including head shots of all six figures from series 15 of the WOS for which Lenny was the mail away figure. The back of the box has a brief introduction to Springfield, an image of the Lenny in his Stone Cutter garb and photos of several of the recent playsets. The only downside here is the uncalled for use of twist ties. Lenny is held in place by three twist ties, one on his legs and one on each arm. The figure could have easily been held in place without the use of twist ties as Jakks Pacific does with the DBZ line or with just one tie if need be.

Sculpting - 6/10

Amazingly, even this late in the game Playmates produced an entirely new sculpt for Stone Cutter Lenny. The body is considerablly smaller than the other Stone Cutter figures and the head sculpt is brand new as well. The jaw seems a hair longer and comes to a sharper point than the original sculpt. The the eyes are opened wider than the original while still retaining the half closed eye lids.The ears sit a little higher and the hair stands out toward the back more, as if it were being blown back by the wind. Sadly the scale issue really hurts this figure. The first Lenny was small, but this new one is even smaller and when placed next to the other Stone Cutter figures, especially Moe, he seems like he was shrunk in the wash.

Paint - 7/10

Playmates did pretty well here. the paint is clean and generally consistent. My figure did have a small spot of tan from the beard on his right cheek but it was easily removed with a finger nail. They did miss the white lining around his shoes. Given the simple nature of the rest of the figure, this was a sloppy oversight.

Articulation - 3/10

Stone Cutter Lenny has 32 points of articulation.... and if you believe that I have some chutney squishee stock to sell you. Like most of the WOS figures, Lenny has rotating shoulders, neck and waist. The legs under the robe can be turned but the robe itself stays in place.

Accessories 7/10

Lenny comes with three items: a beer stien, paddle and a book (Secret World History) This is just about everything you could want or that would make sense for the Stone Cutter episode. Though I would have really dug a Stone Cutter Martian.

Value - 5/10

At $5 plus a stamp, the mail in exclusive figures have been a pretty good deal. But that isn't taking into account the cost of the four figures you have to buy and off of which you have to cut the proof of purchases. If you were going to buy those four figures and open them anyways, no lose. IF you weren't, then this just went from a $5.37 figure to being a $30+ figure. For that price he isn't really worth it.

Happy Hunting:

There are only two ways to get your hands on Stone Cutter Lenny, buy four of the figures from series 15 and mail in the proofs of purchase, or buy him from someone who did.