Ikon Collectables Classic Donatello Statue Review

Donatello front view Donatello rear view
Well that was fast. After many months of delays, Ikon Collectables finally shipped their first Ninja Turtle statue at the end of December (Leonardo on Defeated Mouser) and they have already released the second brother to join him. There is still no word on when or if Raphael and Michelangelo will be getting statues as well. But hopefully if Donatello turns out well, we will eventually see them as well.

Packaging - 8/10

The box for Donatello is the same design as Leonardo's other than a color change to match Donatello's mask. The design is simple. But I like the fact that you can see photos of the statue from three different sides on the front and side panels. The back gives a quick explaination of Donatello's role in the classic cartoon as well as showing which unit number the statue is. The design is simple and colorful, and that works well for a statue based on a cartoon from the 80's.

Sculpting - 8/10

There isn't much to say here that I didn't already cover in my review of the Leonardo on Defeated Mouser statue other than the fact that Donatello didn't arrive damaged. The sculpting matches the modern interpration of the cartoon designs rather than the actual look of the Turtles from the cartoon. There's not a great deal of detail to the sculpting. But if it was any more detailed, it would look even less like the cartoon.

Paint - 7/10

The paint work on the Donatello statue is decent, but not overly impressive. There is some extra paint work such as a bit of shading on the plastron. And there are no serious issues like the discoloration on Leonardo's sword. The painting on the manehole cover base is still and issue. It isn't terrible, but the edges on the lettering and tread pattern aren't very clean or consistent. And the small lettering on the TMNT logo in the front is actually quite sloppy. Fortunately it is something you won't notice without looking closely.

Articulation - 0/10

Donatello is a complete statue with no articulation or moveable parts. On the plus side, he is also completely assembled straight out of the box.

Value - 7/10

Ikon Collectables' Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles statues aren't the most detailed or the most impressive Ninja Turtle statues. But they are the only ones based on the Fred Wolf cartoon. And the price tag of just under $200 isn't a great value, but it is fairly reasonable given the size of the piece.

Happy Hunting:

The production run on these statues seems to be just four hundred pieces. So there isn't going to be a lot of them out there. As with Ikon's Leonardo on Defeated Mouser statue, I ordered mine from Big Bad Toy Store. I have also seen both statues listed on Entertainment Earth's web site. But given the amount of issues I saw on the Leonardo on Defeated Mouser statue, I would definitely make sure to order from a site with a strong reputation for customer service just in case. I am very happy to say BBTS was great about replacing the damaged Leonardo statue that I reviewed before. So now both brothers can stand stall on my shelves.

Donatello Box front

box back

Box side 1 Box side 2 statue right side statue left side plastron shell head close up foot detail bo staff detail TMNT logo manhole cover base base bottom Donatello statue with eleven inch Battle Shell Donatello Leonardo on Defeated Mouser and Donatello statues